exposition in Delft

From the 5th of october till the end of november 2o12 there will be an exposition of my new photoworks in Delft.

Works from the new series called Meer Verminder can be seen in the Vermeer centre in Delft.


Entrance = Free


the drinkers by Peter Kemp




10 pages of Peter Kemp photography into Miss Aniela’s new book

Creative Portrait Photography

Innovative digital portraiture to reveal the inner subject
with 10 pages of Peter Kemp photography

Creative Portrait PhotographyCreative Portrait PhotographyCreative Portrait PhotographyCreative Portrait PhotographyCreative Portrait Photography

Natalie Dybisz a.k.a. Miss Aniela

The very best portrait photography strives to give the viewer access into their subject’s inner self; to provide a window into their soul.
With the advent of the digital age and the potential afforded by post-processing, a whole generation of photographic artists has access to greater creative possibilities than ever before.

Spearheading this new breed of creative photographer is author Natalie Dybisz better known in the photographic community as Miss Aniela.
Devoted to exploring portraiture at its most creative portraits with context, story, and constructed elements Creative Portrait Photography takes
the reader on a behind-the-scenes journey through the creation of Natalie Dybisz’s innovative digital portraits, from first concept to post-processing.

Also featuring an extensive showcase chapter in which other photographer-artist’s work and working methods are laid bare,
Creative Portrait Photography has everything you need to inspire you and transform your perspective on portrait photography.

new photoshoot Paparazzi .. photos coming up

…. we did a photoshoot called Paparazzi  with model Chantal Hanse and 5 of my friends being the photographers
Wonderful help of hairstylist Celia Wong and make up arist Kiranchandra Kroegman and stylingVivian Kramer Gezegd Freher

It was fun  ..stay tuned for the results ….and see an impression down here


in the Leaf Calender 2012

I have been asked to share one of my photos for the Leaf calender 2012.
The photo is one of my personal  favorites  with the wonderful model Ophelia Overdose http://ophelia-overdose.blogspot.com/

Here the photo inside the Leaf calender . A pretty nice calender 80 x 60 cm
I noticed that my photo of Ophelia – see down here –  was placed on the october page of the Leaf Calender
And in november there is a photo of  .. guess what … Markus Klinko  … this guy is a big name in fashion photography


10 page coverage in german photo magazine

I got a 10 page coverage in german photo magazine www.pictures-magazine jan 2012

” Fotografischen Erzahlungen … die Niederlande scheinen ein Quel exzellenter Fotografen zu sein. Einer dieser aufstrebenden Kunstler ist Peter Kemp aus Delft, ein Finalist der Hasselblad Masters ”

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inspiration for Miss Aniela?


I seem to have  a bit of influence on someone hahaha .. well not somone .. a special one … english   photographer Miss Aniela www.missaniela.com

you can see the photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ndybisz/6419339679/in/photostream

  …… latest Fashion Experience at Dalston Heights. ……. I thought of the work of Peter Kemp when I processed this. And I also thought of the Mulberry campaign by Tim Walker, although I’m a bit reluctant to say that, because my surreal fashion series was not inspired by him to start with 😉 I really do just let the props in these locations take me along weird and wonderful journeys.