Peter Kemp – Jury at the Camera on TopPhoto Festival – Godfather Digital Art

Peter Kemp … a story telling photographer

Peter Kemp is a freelance photographer living in the Netherlands.
With his photowork he is trying to create story telling pictures with a smile.

Vintage atmospheres
Being born in 1960, the time between 30s to 70s got his interest.
Kemp: ” Vintage allows me to propose some glamorous touches into my works.

I am fond of the light of the Dutch Master painters like Johannes Vermeer.
Another major factor in Kemp’s story telling pictures are his models.
They are good looking, but – above all – they are beautiful people inside. Lots of credits to them …

Careful preparation
The atmosphere into a picture is created in his head long before the actual photo is made.

With just a quick look, I try to create an attractive picture by using scenery and colors. But a deeper and longer look might open the door to other journeys. I like to focus on details. All details are thought of long before my camera clicks . …

Living in a hurry …
Nowadays we are living in the fast lane …
With my photowork, I like to do the opposite. It is like a stopping by, a freeze in time.
Trying to catch and captivate my viewers into ‘my world ‘.
And hopefully people are able to create their own little story …

Kemp has been nominated Hasselblad Masters Finalist 2010 in the categorie Up and Coming.
The Hasselblad Masters Award is the most prestigious awards in the industry.
His work can be seen at .

hasselblad Masters 2010

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