Asked for the NEW book by Miss Aniela

I am very proud to be invited by one of the most creative photographers I know to join in her second book
Natalie  – Miss Aniela –  Dybisz is a fine art photograper based in London.
She asked me to cooperate in her NEW book about photography
The wonderful and creative photowork of Miss Aniela can be seen at

Natalie has been working on her first book for more than a year, and the work – 176 pages – within it is from the past 5 years of her self-portraiture.
It is a book for aspiring photographers as much as it is a book about her own photography. Very interesting to read .. I really enjoyed it …. and now I will be in her second book
Really lookin forward to that …

Now she is busy making her second book and I was asked by her to cooperate with a number of photos and pages  .. I am really enjoyed to joy in this wonderful project
Keep you inforeed


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