10 page coverage in german photo magazine

I got a 10 page coverage in german photo magazine www.pictures-magazine jan 2012

” Fotografischen Erzahlungen … die Niederlande scheinen ein Quel exzellenter Fotografen zu sein. Einer dieser aufstrebenden Kunstler ist Peter Kemp aus Delft, ein Finalist der Hasselblad Masters ”

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inspiration for Miss Aniela?


I seem to have  a bit of influence on someone hahaha .. well not somone .. a special one … english   photographer Miss Aniela www.missaniela.com

you can see the photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ndybisz/6419339679/in/photostream

  …… latest Fashion Experience at Dalston Heights. ……. I thought of the work of Peter Kemp when I processed this. And I also thought of the Mulberry campaign by Tim Walker, although I’m a bit reluctant to say that, because my surreal fashion series was not inspired by him to start with 😉 I really do just let the props in these locations take me along weird and wonderful journeys.