in the Leaf Calender 2012

I have been asked to share one of my photos for the Leaf calender 2012.
The photo is one of my personal  favorites  with the wonderful model Ophelia Overdose

Here the photo inside the Leaf calender . A pretty nice calender 80 x 60 cm
I noticed that my photo of Ophelia – see down here –  was placed on the october page of the Leaf Calender
And in november there is a photo of  .. guess what … Markus Klinko  … this guy is a big name in fashion photography



the making of … Silent Knights

… people ask me how did you do it? .. how does it work? ..
Well to give you a short impression how I work during my photpshoots here a short video.
Here you can also see that  IT IS A TEAM EFFORD …  as you can see I am working with wonderful talented people

Thnkx also to

PX3 nomination

One of my photos has been nominated in the presticious photo contest in Paris, called PX3

My photo Nude Photography  got a nomination in Paris and will be included in a book.
This photo symblsizes in a nutshell my look at the rude nudy photography, which is used in porn magazines.

My wonderful models Raffaela Lorenza Huizinga and Rudox did a great model job  …  all credits to them!
and to Mua: Jetty van Pelt