exposition in Delft

From the 5th of october till the end of november 2o12 there will be an exposition of my new photoworks in Delft.

Works from the new series called Meer Verminder can be seen in the Vermeer centre in Delft.


Entrance = Free


the drinkers by Peter Kemp





10 page coverage in german photo magazine

I got a 10 page coverage in german photo magazine www.pictures-magazine jan 2012

” Fotografischen Erzahlungen … die Niederlande scheinen ein Quel exzellenter Fotografen zu sein. Einer dieser aufstrebenden Kunstler ist Peter Kemp aus Delft, ein Finalist der Hasselblad Masters ”

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in the Gallery …

Once,  a long time ago I was a big fan of an English band called the Dire Straits
On their first album they played this wonderful song called  … ” in the gallery” … and now I am in a gallery myself

MY PHOTOWORK is presented at http://fotografenwerk.com

Fotografenwerk is a gallery located in Dusseldorf – Germany

My works can be seen at:


Hasselblad Masters Finalists

Hasselblad is proud to introduce the 110 Masters Finalists for 2010 and invites you to view the work of these exceptional photographers and

The Hasselblad Masters represent photography at its finest; at its most inspired, most communicative, most beautiful. They are young, old, western, eastern, classical, experimental, traditional, modern, and futuristic. They have perhaps but one thing in common: they are masters at conveying an instant, an emotion, with images. Masters of the art and craft that is photography.
Hasselblad Masters Jury

Hasselblad Masters Jury features 14 of the industry’s most respected photographers and established leading editors. Together they constitute the majority of the Masters votes, since each jury member may submit up to 50 points in each of the 11 categories. A Hasselblad Masters Jury Member can therefore in principle give 11 x 50 points that in total constitute 550 points.

The Public jury counts as one jury member, who altogether has 550 points – the same as a Hasselblad Masters Jury Member.
November 31st 2011 all the Public Jury votes be counted and then, allocated to the 110 Masters finalists.
You can vote until October 31, 2011 for your favorite images


My work can be seen in the category Up & Coming http://www.hasselblad.com/Masters/2010/Finalists/peter-kemp.aspx

Showcase: Peter Kemp in magazine Practical Photoshop

AUGUST 2011 Practical photoshop:  …. Discover the work of issue three’s featured artist, who takes his inspiration from 17th century Dutch masters.  www.peterkemp.nl
Ever wandered around an art gallery and been lured in by the evocative scenery and colour of Dutch master painters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt?
Has it ever kickstarted a desire to recreate the imagery in your photography?

Take a look at the work of Peter Kemp, whose classic-art inspired portfolio is featured in this month’s Practical Photoshop.